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If you are looking for affordable and reliable UNIX hosting for the Macintosh, you have come to the right place. offers the most affordable hosting with features such as MS FrontPage for Macintosh, CGI/Perl, MySQL, PHP and best of all, 24/7 customer service. Whether you are building a personal website or a professional website for your business, you will find what you need at Canuck Hosting.

Mac-friendly and Affordable Web Hosting!

As a Mac user today, you're fully aware that it's sometimes difficult to find products and services that are fully compatible with the Mac. In the web hosting industry, more and more services are requiring Internet Explorer v6 and ActiveX controls which are not supported on the Macintosh computer. Microsoft has announced that they would no longer develop future versions of IE for the Mac, which is creating a widening gap of services that are not compatible with the Mac.

At Canuck Hosting, we are firmly committed to our support of the Macintosh computer. You also have our guarantee that we will always ensure that any new products and services will be fully compatible with the Mac.

Most hosting companies don't know or understand the Mac operating system; they're not familiar with the types of tools available and how to use them. It is difficult for these companies to effectively support Mac clients for this reason. Our sysops in the Data Centre are both Mac and Windows users, and have access to all the available tools and how to use them.

Mac users should have access to FrontPage 1.0 for MAC, and have the last version of Internet Explorer for Mac. We have a source for the last and exceedingly rare version that Microsoft released. You can also use FTP to upload your website files to our server.

We're dedicated to taking your web hosting needs seriously and to the next level. Because our foremost focus is on providing you with high quality service and accountability, you can depend on us to always be there for you.

Give us a call at 604-791-9728 or email us with your requirements and we'll custom-design a Macintosh Hosting package to suit your needs.

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